SIXX:A.M. – Vol. 2, Prayers For The Blessed

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As any new album is ready to be released, I normally wait with anticipation, hoping it’s everything I was expecting.  Hoping I have a connection with the band’s message for each album. The band SIXX:A.M. isn’t any different. On an honest note, I don’t know too much about  SIXX:A.M., but I am familiar with some of their older songs especially their most popular Life is Beautiful. Being someone who likes more metal core bands, I do though like listening to newer, less familiar music to open my musical horizons.

Since their latest release Prayers for the Damned , SIXX:A.M. has gone further to release Vol. 2, Prayers for the Blessed on November 18th. An album illustrated through lyrics similar to its title, shedding a positive light when possible even through dark times, giving many fans hope when going through times. For any of you who have kept up with this band, they released some of their songs off this album currently. From the lead single We Will Not Go Quietly, Maybe Its Time, to Barbarians. I thought We Will Not Go Quietly was a great song, backed with powerful lyrics like “and you can try to kill yourself, but you can never kill me.” The song gives such a driving force for fans to remember that even when people want to to push you to your limits, you won’t go quietly in defeat. I think this album as a whole gives a great positive message, giving inspirational energy to stay strong and be true to yourself. I think it’s easy to look at society right now and feel that you can easily be judged for being your individual self, but I love seeing bands motivate fans to be more than the cookie cutter mold society expects us to be.

One of my favorite songs off the album would be Wold At Your Door, a song about facing your demons and being face to face with your problems and deciding to face it head on. This song holds powerful instrumentals, with a driven sound something I would listen to if I was finishing my last mile on a long run and at the point of wanting to give up this song would motivate me to keep going. With some powerful lyrics like you “avoid medication, so you’re hanging on a thread,” to “you’re dying and digging your own grave.” This song truly speaks to me, as I hope it does for anyone who chooses to listens to it. There are some great songs on this album even a soft, instrumental ballad titled Helicopters that I used to help me fall asleep when my insomnia is at it’s finest. But as always, I never give too much information because I want you guys to listen to this album yourself and get your own perspective. Be ready November 18th and get your copy, however you choose to listen  to it. SIXX:A.M. will also be in Ohio playing at the Huntington Center November 21st. They will also be playing Philadelphia and Hershey, PA December 1st and 2nd. So get your tickets and I hope you’re as impressed as I was.

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