Alrosa Xmas Party w/ Mushroomhead – 12/17/16 – Alrosa Villa – Columbus, OH

A Scarred ExistenceOpener – A Scarred Existence
Based out of Coshocton, Ohio, A Scarred Existence opened the show with an intense face melting welcome! A brutal metal band fronted by singer Anthony Brown, his vocals are so powerful you can almost feel the ground move! With two guitarists, Tony Prouty and Patrick Cox, bassist Scott Queen, and drummer, Erinn Simmons, this will be a band to keep an eye out for. I caught up with Anthony and it looks like A Scarred Existence plans to hit the studio this coming year! Right now you can check them out on Facebook at

Black Dragon
Black DragonColumbus band, Black Dragon is a hard core in your face metal band.  They had the crowd moving and their energy was infectious. At the end of their set, Bassist Zak Bell, decided to be generous and hand his bass out into the audience. A fight broke out over who was going to keep it and for about ten minutes I watched the tug of war. A game of Rock paper scissors was ultimately going to decide the victor when a woman approached Zak and told him her story. Her husband, Sgt. Ryan Phillips, had been deployed in Afghanistan and he and his family came all the way down from Cleveland just to see Black Dragon perform. Being an army vet himself, Zak handed Sgt. Phillips’ son his bass guitar and autographed it for him. Seeing a memory in the making, I quickly grabbed a photo of the three of them. I could feel the intensity as the two men shared an emotional moment sharing their stories. This is definitely a memory his son, Jess Vick,  will hold forever in his heart.

The stage went dark and what was to come had everyone in the audience silent as they waited for what was next. Soon a green glow started to appear from the right side stage. I was not at all sure what to expect when I noticed the being walking onto the stage was wearing a cloak and a Beak Plague doctor mask. He walked out slowly as to check his surroundings carrying with him, his cane. I could feel my curiosity wasn’t just my own but the same expression and emotion of my fellow attendees. The music started playing and out came Sedated. Hailing from Kansas City, Missouri, Sedated is known as the Midwest’s best kept secret. Voted 2015’s Midwest Hip Hop artist of the year, he held everyone’s attention in just his first few lyrics. His words were immediately addictive and I was instantly hooked. Performing songs like “True Will” and “I Do It”, I was interested to learn more about this gem of a musician. Sedated has performed all over the world with other top hip hop artists such as Haystack, Nappy Roots, and ABK. He has also been a feature artist at the yearly held festival “Gathering of the Juggalos”. About half way through his set, Sedated called upon all of the young children and young adults in the venue to share the stage with him. These small faces lit up the entire room as he performed for them. Check out to learn more about Sedated and order a copy of Horrorcore magazine!

Unsaid FateUnsaid Fate
As anticipated, Unsaid Fate took to the stage next. Ohio natives, this band is one to keep an eye on. Fronted by the ever so gorgeous, Jackie Laponza, the amount of energy coming off the stage was electric! I stood front and center to capture the fun this fantastic fivesome had to deliver. Guitarist, Don DeBiase and Bassist had amazing stage presence and entertained the crowd with their playful antics, like holding up their guitars to reveal the message “It’s not gonna suck itself!”. They both noticed me snapping photos and decided to involve my camera in their fun.  As my first time seeing Unsaid Fate, this band is one not to miss and they left me wanting more!

Everybody Panic
Everybody PanicEverybody Panic, from Oklahoma city, Oklahoma, brought nothing more than awesomeness and a very positive message, with one T-shirt reading “Real Men Empower Women” worn by front man, Ty Gay. Constant smiles and hair flipping screamed these guys were here to have a great time! As they were coming to an end of their set, crew members started removing pieces of drummer, Levi Dickerson’s set. He continued to play like it wasn’t happening which left the audience laughing and amazed at how he could stay in beat the whole time with just his snare and one symbol remaining.


Headlining the tour, From Cleveland, Ohio, Mushroomhead rounded out this awesome night with one epic performance. Opening their set with their hit “QWERTY”, I made my way to the front of the stage. I was determined to get close to the popular water drums played by Rick “St1tch” Thomas  and Robbie “Roberto Diablo” Godsey. When a band has the crowd singing word for word along with you, that is when you know you have made an impact and Mushroomhead has certainly done that. Forming in 1993, Mushroomhead was started as a side project. Wearing masks and costumes to conceal their identity, Mushroomhead jumped right to the head of the game with their second show ever being an opener for Legendary metal band, Gwar! Though they have changed members many times over the years, Steve “Skinny” Felton and Jeffery “Nothing” Hatrix have kept in stride being the remaining original members. Their unique sound and stage performance always draws a huge audience and I hope to see more from them in the upcoming year.

I do want to thank Rick Cautela, owner of Alrosa Villa for always hosting these fantastic artists and giving us concert goers a home away from home all these years.


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