Jake Shears – Ringmaster of the fabulous circus.

From the moment Jake Shears stepped onto the stage, you knew you were in for a treat. He was all energy and attitude, with some storytelling in between songs plus…. bonus costume changes!  Jake and his band played his new songs effortlessly and threw in some Scissor Sisters hits as well.  His unending movements gave way to some tender ballads, delivered with so much passion. Still the party carried on, with Jake running through the audience to stand on the back bar!  Definitely go see Jake Shears and his sexy legs (If you see the show you’ll get it.) at some point on this tour, it is not to be missed!

– Playing All That Jazz from Chicago Beforehand –


Good Friends
I Can’t Decide (SS)
Big Bushy Mustache
Ain’t One Thing It’s Another
Laura (SS)
Sad Song Backwards
Everything I’ll Ever Need
Take Your Mama (SS)
Clothes Off
The Bruiser
Palace in the Sky
I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’ (SS)
Tomorrow (Annie/Andrea McArdle)
Creep City
Mississippi Delta (I’m Your Man)

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Post Author: Lauren Starkey

Lauren Starkey
Lauren has been a photographer in the Chicago/Northwest Indiana area since 2004. She has been taking pictures her whole life but has found a love for concert photography especially. She loves to find those amazing moments that come with live music and freeze them forever. Some of the unique acts she has covered (and loves!) are HIM, Emilie Autumn, The Dresden Dolls, and Evanescence. When not taking photos of musicians she can usually be found listening to music any chance she gets. She's also a sucker for a good sunset shot!

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