Mangrenade on living in the rust belt, political rebellion and violence at shows

Like all great modern things, this interview started on the internet. Myself and Ben Morgan (bass and vocals) of Mangrenade met on a Facebook group dedicated to fans of the band Every Time I Die. He posted about his band and I took a moment to listen to it and was pleasantly surprised for what […]

In Cycles In Circles – On the state of the music scene and more!

In Cycles In Circles are a Dallas based metal band that I was fortunate enough to meet about 3 years ago. It started when I met their guitar player, Zalen at a Listener show and he seemed like a hamster on speed, just running around and going crazy. On stage? He’s the exact same way. […]

JW Sargent – On recording his EP “In Retrograde”

Right before the end of 2016, I got the amazing opportunity to interview JW Sargent.  Working for a magazine, we get offered a lot and I mean A LOT of music to review, and I always check out what’s sent.  JW Sargent surprised me and I quickly sent his EP “In Retrograde” off to Julie […]