05/06/16 Alice Cooper VIP Balloon Toss

Chicks in the Pit had a huge opportunity on 05/06 when Alice Cooper came into town to play at Express Live!    Before there was a Chicks in the Pit and before I ever dreamed of working for Play it Loud Productions, I had bought the Diamond VIP Insanity package for this show.  It was a birthday present / bucket list item.  I always wanted to meet Alice and after all I’ve been through, I felt like it was almost meant to be.

Little did I know how meant to be it was really meant to be!

I got the email a few nights before the show saying I had won the contest for the VIP balloon toss. That meant yours truly got to throw balloons out to the crowd right next to the legend himself!

Thank you so much to Bujie for taking this video and thank you to Kyler who was my balloon handler.  Not only did I realize a dream Friday night but I ended up going so much further than I ever thought I could when I was in that wheelchair almost a year ago.

I also have to thank Eric Callaway from Play it Loud Productions.  He’s posting some killer shots from Welcome to Rockville so check out his Facebook page here: Play it Loud TV

I’ll be sharing more shots from the show and my VIP shots but for now I think I’ve kept you waiting long enough!  Here’s the video!


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Misty has been doing photography since she was 18 years old and most of it has been concert / band related. In 2005, she was forced to quit due to chronic spine issues. Now she's back behind a camera and couldn't be happier!

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