Erica Blinn 5/27/16 – Whiskey Kisses

Here’s some cell phone video I shot from Erica Blinn’s show at Natalie’s Coal Fired Pizza on 5/27/16.  Erica and her band are from Nashville, but they play Ohio and my area quite a bit.  It’s always a treat whether it’s a duo show, trio show or full band.  I have a show gallery that will be posted soon and you can learn more about Erica Blinn by visiting her website:  She also is on twitter and facebook at: and

Post Author: Misty Rayburn

Misty has been doing photography since she was 18 years old and most of it has been concert / band related. In 2005, she was forced to quit due to chronic spine issues. Now she's back behind a camera and couldn't be happier!

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