Juliet Simms Set to Release “From the Grave” on 07/15/16!

Pretty much anyone in the music scene can relate to a good comeback story.  We’ve all come back from our troubles and stuff that life throws at us.  Juliet Simms is no exception.  This resilient artist has risen up from the ups and downs of the music industry.  We all may know her from her second place finish on NBC’s The Voice in 2012, but she’s been able to keep her chin up in spite of the label troubles she has had and has risen back up to release From the Grave.

From the Grave is a collection of previously unreleased tracks that needed to see the light of day.  Simms says that “These songs are indicative of life on the other side when having some darkness in your past.”

Today I’m going to share with you the official lyric video for Phoenix, an acoustic ballad from this album.  In it, Simms sings of waiting for your demise just so you can rise up stronger.  I think that’s something we all have done a time or two!

From the Grave will be released on July 15, 2016.  Pre-order it on Amazon by clicking this link here!

Final Art Sized


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