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With the holidays approaching I think we all can sit back and just relax and mellow out however we please. For me, that means sitting down and putting on my favorite albums and drinking a glass of wine…maybe a bottle. As many of you know I love listening to more hardcore metal bands but I do have a wide range of music in my arsenal. And with the holidays approaching faster than I can handle, the thing I needed most is music that can mellow me out and let me have peace to sit back and take it all in, So after getting my Christmas shopping done, that is exactly what I did. Normally my go to bands would be Depeche Mode, and AFI. Thankfully my editor assigned me a great album, something new. She warned it was way more chill than what I normally listen to and not to worry. I took that as a challenge.

We had the opportunity to listen to JW Sargent’s newest EP titled In Retrograde which was released November 17th. To my surprise not only was it more than what I had expected, it was really well recorded. My favorite song on the EP is Constant, a song that truly makes me forget all of my problems. So to all the the unwanted holiday parties you’ll be invited to, put this on while driving there and I’m sure it will make it just a little more pleasant on the way there. Along with the EP being released JW Sargent has also had the time to release a music video for the song Constant. I won’t spoil the fun, so go check it out.

This album was a great way for me to listen to something new and allow me to be open to more than just my usual array of bands. So the moral to this story kids this month, is to allow yourself to be open to new things. And to not assume that just because something is different and something you’re not accustomed to doesn’t mean you won’t like it. Happy Holidays to everyone checking us out this month.

Check out the video for Constant here:

Buy In Retrograde here:


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