Circa Survive and La Dispute Blow Minds and Wrench Hearts In Dallas

Having seen La Dispute several times over the years I thought I knew what to expect when I saw them and Circa Survive play at Gas Monkey Live! in Dallas. However, each time they’ve proven to be both mind blowing and heart wrenching. Watching them finish with “Such Small Hands” and playing “King Park” in the middle of the set was something new, but welcomed. “King Park” is one of those songs that makes you feel everything deeply and wholly. Watching their vocalist run and slip across the stage makes you aware that they’re giving it everything they got, and the crowd gave everything in their response as well.

Circa Survive had to do a stripped down set because their drummer injured his shoulder several days prior. However, it lends itself well to helping create an even more intimate experience. They played a full set, the crowd pressing closer and closer with each song. Overall, the show was one which the crowd gave as much as they received.

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Post Author: Faye Fetters

Faye Fetters started shooting local bar shows at the age of 16 in Dallas and has only progressed from there. Shooting bands such as White Snake, Slayer, Fall Out Boy, and Major Lazer have been just a few of her accomplishments over the years. When she's not writing about music or photographing shows she enjoys spending time with her dog, Jamie.

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