Andry’s Album “A Beautiful and Uplifting Experience”

I’ve said before that I love albums that tell stories.  Andry’s debut album does exactly that.  Skies is about rising above and persevering despite what life throws at you.  She tells this story with her own powerful vocals, backed up by amazing guitars and many things you wouldn’t think you’d hear in a metal album.

But Skies isn’t JUST a metal album.

When I first pressed play on this album, my interest was piqued by the amazing guitar work.  I’ve only heard that speed from Dragonforce previously.  Then Andry’s vocals kicked in, strong and powerful.  I thought to myself “She sounds like Dio!”  As I continued listening, the truth revealed itself.  Andry is influenced by many different genres, she has pulled them in, and made them her own.   One minute you’re rocking out to her power metal style screams and some skillful guitar riffs, the next you’re swaying to a piano and a slower guitar as she sings soulfully.  Her range is really awe inspiring and truly ensnares you.

For me, Skies was a beautiful and uplifting experience.  I’ve found a new artist to love!  One that can go anywhere she pleases artistically, and it shows.

Post Author: Misty Rayburn

Misty has been doing photography since she was 18 years old and most of it has been concert / band related. In 2005, she was forced to quit due to chronic spine issues. Now she's back behind a camera and couldn't be happier!

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