A bust of Julius Caesar with orange paint on the hair, an orange x on the neck and an orange man in the middle of his chest armor. On the flowery and ornate nameplate of the bust it says "Veni Vidi Vici" in orange spray paint.

Sam Tinnesz – We Came We Saw We Conquered

About Sam Tinnesz Nashville RIAA platinum selling artist Sam Tinnesz may not sound familiar by name alone but when you hear his viral hits like “Play With Fire” which has amassed over 400 million streams, and “Legends Are Made” which has contributed to over 6 billion views on TikTok you’ll likely recognize his signature voice. […]

JW Sargent – On recording his EP “In Retrograde”

Right before the end of 2016, I got the amazing opportunity to interview JW Sargent.  Working for a magazine, we get offered a lot and I mean A LOT of music to review, and I always check out what’s sent.  JW Sargent surprised me and I quickly sent his EP “In Retrograde” off to Julie […]