In a faded photo, the sun blares in the background onto a woman standing on a grassy area wearing a jean jacket and jeans. Behind her is a person in a white hooded suit, their facial features blacked out. They are reaching toward the girl.

Out Today! – As The Light Fades – Blacktop Mojo

About As The Light Fades: “As The Light Fades” is a nostalgic look at young infatuation that turns into life-long love, from running inside when the streetlights come on all the way to the last tender kiss shared before crossing into The Great Beyond.” -Matt James, lead vocals for Blacktop Mojo “As The Light Fades” […]

Steve Grimmett’s Personal Crisis album soon to be available for North American fans!

Metal fans are well aware of the contributions of vocalist STEVE GRIMMETT.  His body of work spans more than 30 years, including fan favorite recordings from Onslaught, Lionsheart, and Grim Reaper, among others. Grimmett recorded a solo album, Personal Crisis, that was originally released in 2007 via Germany’s Metal Heaven Records.  The album never saw […]