Sam Tinnesz – Flamethrower EP

The orange man associated with Sam's albums since There Goes The Neighborhood has flames inside him. Next to it is a circle with an equal sign in it.

About Flamethrower EP:

“8 new songs in the spirit of my other sport anthems from way back! I was watching songs like “Born to Be Champions” , “Legends Are Made” and “Fighter” re-emerge and realized yall want more from me in that vein!  It had been enough time since creating those so I dug in and got back to some empowering hard hitting songs that were created to make you feel invincible from top to bottom. I wrote and recorded the EP titled Flamethrower with my friend Otto Blue and we hope you love it” – Sam Tinnesz on X

About Sam Tinnesz:

Nashville RIAA platinum selling artist Sam Tinnesz may not sound familiar by name alone but when you hear his viral hits like “Play With Fire” which has amassed over 400 million streams, and “Legends Are Made” which has contributed to over 6 billion views on TikTok you’ll likely recognize his signature voice. His stratospheric success in TV/Film and features on gold selling records like Kygo’s Golden Hour has pushed his Spotify monthly listeners to over 4.9 million. As a songwriter, Sam has also had notable contributions to releases from Dashboard Confessional, Filter, Sum 41, Royal & the Serpent, Banners, and Ruelle.

Sam Tinnesz had some more tricks up his sleeves in 2022 with his new album, There Goes The Neighborhood. It’s a mix of late 90’s and early 2000’s Weezer meets Nirvana style rock with a don’t give a shit hip hop attitude. The album has features from legacy artists like Dashboard Confessional and All American Rejects as well as viral sensation Bryce Fox. It is a shocking left turn for Sam Tinnesz that will have you wanting to hear the rest of the album.

Listen to Flamethrower EP

Connect With Sam Tinnesz:

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