A Vision of the Future in Contact Lenses

Contact lenses have been an alternative to glasses for a while in an effort to improve vision; but now they are taking a leap forward! Tech companies has begun focusing; no pun intended, on augmenting contact lenses to do more than just help you see better. An augmented reality contact lens that will overlay information over the wearer’s vision is a concept for at least a decade. Sony’s patent describes a contact lens capable of recording video via deliberate blinks.

Drawing from Sony Contact Lens Patent Sensors embedded in the lens detect the difference between involuntary and deliberate blinks. These blinks trigger the lens to begin recording. The technology doesn’t stop there, piezoelectric sensors convert eye movement to energy for power.

This has many possible uses for the future; instant eye witness video of a crime, instant memory of a child’s first steps, or recording a concert while your there!. Of course the latter is of interest to us here at Chicks in the Pit; no longer having to watch a concert through a camera lens or hauling bags of lenses to a show!

Sure the idea of a video recording contact lens is still simply theoretical. The technology to make the needed parts small enough just doesn’t exist yet. However, with companies like Google and Sony working towards this future-tech, it may just be a matter of time before we can all be chicks in the pit, no matter where you sit!



Do you have an idea for how these future contact lenses can be useful in your personal or professional life, let us know below!


Post Author: Rye Seronie

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