In a faded photo, the sun blares in the background onto a woman standing on a grassy area wearing a jean jacket and jeans. Behind her is a person in a white hooded suit, their facial features blacked out. They are reaching toward the girl.

Out Today! – As The Light Fades – Blacktop Mojo

About As The Light Fades: “As The Light Fades” is a nostalgic look at young infatuation that turns into life-long love, from running inside when the streetlights come on all the way to the last tender kiss shared before crossing into The Great Beyond.” -Matt James, lead vocals for Blacktop Mojo “As The Light Fades” […]

A bust of Julius Caesar with orange paint on the hair, an orange x on the neck and an orange man in the middle of his chest armor. On the flowery and ornate nameplate of the bust it says "Veni Vidi Vici" in orange spray paint.

Sam Tinnesz – We Came We Saw We Conquered

About Sam Tinnesz Nashville RIAA platinum selling artist Sam Tinnesz may not sound familiar by name alone but when you hear his viral hits like “Play With Fire” which has amassed over 400 million streams, and “Legends Are Made” which has contributed to over 6 billion views on TikTok you’ll likely recognize his signature voice. […]

Misty chats with Ohio’s own Nolan Taylor about going viral and more!

Photo courtesy of Atlantic Records I’m here with fellow Ohioan, Nolan Taylor.  Nolan is going to be playing a show in Chicago, Illinois on December 3rd at Carol’s Pub and I will be there to cover it!  Right now, though, we’ve got him for an interview!  There will be links to his social media and […]