Misty chats with Ohio’s own Nolan Taylor about going viral and more!

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I’m here with fellow Ohioan, Nolan Taylor.  Nolan is going to be playing a show in Chicago, Illinois on December 3rd at Carol’s Pub and I will be there to cover it!  Right now, though, we’ve got him for an interview!  There will be links to his social media and website at the end of the interview so check out his tour dates and see if he’s going to be near you!

In high school, it seemed you had a lot of interests.  What made you finally choose the path of music and pick up a guitar?

I’ve played guitar since I was younger but most of my time had been taken up by sports and stuff, I played sports all year round. Once I was out of school, I decided working just wasn’t for me, so I put my entire self into trying to play music! 

You did some recording at Sonic Lounge Studio (https://www.soniclounge.net/) in Grove City, Ohio.  We’re huge fans of Joe Viers and Sonic Lounge so this caught my eye.  What brought about that session?  Why did you choose “Fighting Chance”, “Born to Love” and “Double Life” to record?

That’s amazing! I love Joe and that studio a whole lot, such a small world. I was actually out there tracking for a pop rock kind of thing I was doing with a fellow Cincinnatian Jimmy Clepper in between both of our own music and had some extra time to cut some of mine. I chose those songs specifically because I had just released a video of my song 500 so I didn’t want that one out again and I just written a few days prior “Born to Love” and “Fighting Chance”, and “Double Life” at that time was a personal favorite. 

This year, you went viral on YouTube.  What was that like for you?

It was and still is wild to me. I had just decided to stop playing music for a living and bam. My. Life. Changed. 

Has anyone recognized you in public from that YouTube video?

Yes, quite a bit actually which is WILD.

Now you’re on tour, playing some really cool places like The Loud in Huntington, West Virginia and The Grog Shop in Cleveland.  If you could play anywhere you wanted to, where would that be?

To be honest I got my Grand Ole Opry debut and I’d say between Bonnaroo, Opry, Spotify House and Cain’s Ballroom in KC new year’s I’m pretty content but of course I’d love to check off the Ryman and Red Rocks. 

It’s just you and a guitar right now.  If you decided to start a band, what type of instruments would you want in it?

I actually have a full band touring with me. We’ve been playing together for about a year and a half now. We are evolving the sound as we speak so I don’t want to give too many secrets, but we went from full on electric to where my music lives a little more.

Are there any topics you feel like you would love to cover in your music but you can’t?  If so why?

Nope, not for me. I’m an open book and just write entirely about my life and my experiences through life. So, I’ll touch on bout anything!

You’ve done a series of singles for Atlantic Records.  If you do a full album, would you add some of these tracks into it or write all new songs?

I’m not too sure what I’m doing for it. I will for sure have some production versions of my personal favorites (“68”, “Darkness” and “Wicked Ways”) but other than that I’m not too sure. 

What’s next for you after this tour is over?

I’m always working on writing and recording so I’d imagine we will start seeing some NT releases before long. I can’t wait to get back on the road and I’m not off yet! 

You can check out Nolan Taylor at his website, Instagram, X, Facebook, and TikTok.  ( Please note all links open in a new tab. )

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