Lauren Starkey talks influences and pirates vs ninjas with September Mourning

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What are your biggest influences behind this project ( not necessarily other bands )? 

The project itself is a trans media concept project based off of a central storyline…. That being said the influences for this project are widely varied. I took inspiration from movies and books, especially in the fantasy genre. Art and costuming/ clothing design styles from asian cultures played a role as well in the overall look for the characters. The musical influences are varied. Both Riven and I (the primary songwriters) listen to a lot of music outside of the rock genre and I feel you can hear that present in the latest work from the band.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about your music people get, from basing it on your ( Emily’s ) looks? 

The characters are reapers and dark and otherworldly… if someone were to just look at the band not knowing the storyline ie the basis for the look, they may misconstrue us for a “goth” band which is definitely not what we are. The music clearly represents the hard rock/ rock genre and even has spurts and moments of pop and modern hip hop sounds in it. The project, to me anyway, is very mainstream and current in what is popular in modern fantasy culture right now.

How do you keep yourselves inspired?

We are consumers of pop culture and art…. it’s all around us…. and it’s inspiring in both positive and sometimes negative ways… as we are constantly learning about what it means to bring a story to life.

What are people most surprised about when they see you live?

The show….. we aren’t just a typical band. We bring you into our world for as long as the set lasts… you learn about the characters and the story…. you become invested. In a world filled with so many shallow surface level things, I think people enjoy the fact they can dig deep into what we do.

Do you have a favorite fan art piece?

There are so many. My whole wall at my house is covered in fan art. So much so it’s now expanding into the hallway. Every piece is so special to me.

What is your dream tour lineup ( to perform with )?

 Muse, Bring Me the Horizon, Halsey and Lights

What is your favorite song to perform live?

My personals are the newest…. Empire and Glass Animals… but I love 20 Below as well because the crowd participates and makes it that much more special.

What’s next for September Mourning? 

We are releasing a new song at the end of this month called Glass Animals on Sumerian Records. In January, Image Comics/ Top Cow releases our graphic novel, “September Mourning: The Complete Collection” which contains all 4 issues of the books… and wraps up this first story arc.

And just to end on a fun note, pirates or ninjas?

Since I’m in love with Asian culture, I have to say Ninjas

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