Blue October brings a solid set of hits, old and new to the Cubby Bear in Chicago

September 28, 2018
Written by Lauren Starkey
Edited by Amanda Ahrendt

Last night, I had the privilege to see Blue October, a band I worshiped back in the day, at the Cubby Bear in Chicago. In full transparency, I have not kept up with the band.

I should have.

In front of a capacity crowd, they kicked off their set with “I Want It” and the fans loved it. The band – fronted by Justin Furstenfeld – played a solid set of hits, old tunes, and brand new tracks. The title track off their latest album, I Hope You’re Happy, has an 80s feel to it and is a song you can’t help dancing to… even Justin couldn’t resist a few dance moves as he was singing. As an encore, we were treated to an acoustic version of their hit “Hate Me”, but it was a completely new rendition. Justin really let his voice soar over the crowd at the end, and it was beautiful.

That’s not to say they’re entirely doing away with their old sound. The songs still retain the elements that make them so lovable, and it’s these qualities that will gain them new fans – and keep old fans coming back – for years to come.

I Want It
I”ll Do Me You Do You
Say It
Into the Ocean
Coal Makes Diamonds
Come Back Home
I Hope You’re Happy
Shake It Up
Encore- Hate Me (acoustic)

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Post Author: Lauren Starkey

Lauren has been a photographer in the Chicago/Northwest Indiana area since 2004. She has been taking pictures her whole life but has found a love for concert photography especially. She loves to find those amazing moments that come with live music and freeze them forever. Some of the unique acts she has covered (and loves!) are HIM, Emilie Autumn, The Dresden Dolls, and Evanescence. When not taking photos of musicians she can usually be found listening to music any chance she gets. She's also a sucker for a good sunset shot!

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