A Decade Apart – Premonitions Pt. 1

With the release of “Premonitions Part 1”, we finally get to see the evolution of A Decade Apart.  We got glimpses with the singles “Calamity” and “Forgiveness”, but to have a seven track EP in front of us is a completely different animal.  “Contrails” was honestly the perfect song to put out there as the first single.  I feel it shows the range of the band.  They can sing, harmonize, and belt out some in your face hardcore screams where you actually understand the lyrics! As a fan of the band for the last few years, “Premonitions, Pt. 1” had a lot of surprises, including a re-release of their song “Viking” which has been a favorite of mine for a long time!  It’s a beast of an album that is killer musically, has deep lyrics and is absolutely everything I look for in an album I rock out to.  “Look how far I’ve come” screams frontman Josh Hardin in “Viking” and indeed this band has grown by leaps and bounds.  I am seriously looking forward to part 2 and this will probably be on my list of best EPs and albums for 2018.


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