ZouZou Mansour of Soraia Chats With Us About Touring and What They Would Add To Their Stage Show If They Could!

You guys have done a lot of touring.  How do you get ready to head out on the road? We rehearse a ton. We run the songs a ton, and try to write at least one new one. Not only to keep things fresh for us, but also to keep us trying new things on […]

Civil Youth on Their New Album, Working With Bradley Walden of Emarosa and More!

I didn’t get a chance to cover the show when Civil Youth came through Columbus on 6/29 due to my dog having to have surgery, but I was granted this really awesome interview! Check it out! Conversations explores some pretty deep subjects.  On your website it’s described as an album that describes conversations you’ve had […]

Steve Grimmett’s Personal Crisis album soon to be available for North American fans!

Metal fans are well aware of the contributions of vocalist STEVE GRIMMETT.  His body of work spans more than 30 years, including fan favorite recordings from Onslaught, Lionsheart, and Grim Reaper, among others. Grimmett recorded a solo album, Personal Crisis, that was originally released in 2007 via Germany’s Metal Heaven Records.  The album never saw […]