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I originally met Triad Eternal when I went to see Bobaflex at the Alrosa Villa in November of 2015 and from that moment I’ve always been excited to see them play.  When frontman Jake Fornof told me they were working on an album, I was super excited.  At this point they had already released “Bring Down the Sky” and “Act of Valor”, both getting frequent play on my computer and phone.  Isn’t it great that you can’t wear out digital music?

As time went on, I learned they were working with Marty Ray McCoy from Bobaflex, and my hopes and excitement for this album soared.  After all, Marty knows his stuff! I continued to see Triad Eternal every chance I got, each time seeming better than the last.  They released “Subjugation in Black” on April 7, 2016.  After all this buildup and waiting, you can imagine how excited I was to finally get my hands on a copy of Eternal Engines 8 months later!

The introduction track is called “Vanguard” and it has a very “War of the Worlds” feel to it.  It’s clear we’re being launched into a story.  A narrative about giant war machines invading the planet, fueled by grungy guitars and a sound both old and new.  From there, the album begins with the three singles Triad has already released.  I feel this was an awesome move by the band, not only because of the flow of the album narrative but because these I feel are the strongest songs Triad Eternal has to offer.  With lyrics like “Bring down the sky and your future will begin.” How can you not get pumped?  Also for fans already familiar with the band, these are the songs we know well.  They’ve been in our ears for almost a year!

Now don’t think I’m saying the rest of the album is weak.  It’s not!  As a matter of fact, it’s everything.  Continuing the narrative, Triad Eternal slows it down, speeds it up, goes old school with Fornof’s voice taking on an almost 80’s like feel and it has some killer guitar solos.  I can’t even describe it.  It’s just a little bit of everything.  Catchy lyrics, grungy guitars, melodies, harmonies and great story.  It’s fun to look at from a storytelling point of view as well as an apply lyrics to our own heart fashion as we always tend to do with music.

This album has seriously exceeded my expectations.  I’m sitting here right now tapping my toe along with “Nexus of a Crisis” and I’m going to play the album on repeat until I have every lyric down.  A glowing 5 stars from me for Eternal Engines!

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